Porn: The Crack Cocaine of the Net

The Internet has become the fastest breeding ground for porn addiction. It is an unexpected phenomenon of the information superhighway that is baffling many people, including porn addicts.

One of the baits that lures internet users into porn addiction is the idea of safety. Whereas with traditional channels of porn distribution, such as the local video stores, there is the possibility of being seen by people one knows, this is not a problem when one consumes porn on the Internet.

The Internet also makes it very easy to access porn. This ease of access allows one to consume porn in previously unimaginable quantities. Privacy, ease of access, quantity and frequent repeated use of porn on the Internet will sooner or later turn one into a porn addict.

Although obsession with pornography is the identifying trait of porn addiction, the underlying condition that drives porn addiction is emotionally based. Porn addiction is fundamentally an intimacy disorder. Porn addiction occurs because of the porn addict's fear, progressing to inability, to share emotions with other people.

An individual affected by porn addiction presents a social self based on emotional suppression. In a sense, he has bought a social lie. That lie is that emotions are bad and are never to be revealed to others.

Very often this lie is accepted and gets made into a belief very early in a porn addict's life. Bottling up of emotions becomes a way of life. Unfortunately, because the process of suppression cannot be endured indefinitely without an emotional backlash, something eventually gives, suppressed emotions push back and the affected individual begins to seek ways of numbing them.

Enter the Internet. Safety, ease of access and huge quantities of pleasant imagery. Surely, this will take the pain away. Wrong. Internet porn is an anaesthetic for people relying on it for emotional pain relief. It temporarily allows them to keep going, without revealing their emotional pain to others.

Eventually, the coping mechanism breaks down, and the porn addict finds it necessary to increase the amount of Internet Porn to be consumed.

The vicious circle of Internet Porn Addiction begins. Porn makes it easier to cope and suppress painful emotions, new painful emotions necessitate the increased use of Internet porn. An Internet porn addict becomes entrenched in the cycle, all the while loosing remaining social skills.

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